Meet Stephanie Schriock

President of EMILY’s List

I joined EMILY’s List as president seven years ago after years of managing campaigns and offices of great men around the country. I have always been a beneficiary of those brave women that broke through barriers so I could have opportunities that my mom’s generation only dreamed of securing. So when the opportunity arose for me to take on EMILY’s List, it was quite an honor. After all, EMILY’s List has been on the forefront of igniting change for over 30 years – ensuring women have a chance to run and win elected offices across the country.

Fast forward to 2017 and today EMILY’s List helped elect and train over 9,000 women to offices across the country over three decades, and that’s because of the grassroots movement that we are and the commitment to our mission. We still haven’t broken that hardest and highest glass ceiling of sending a woman to the White House, but we’ve grown to a network of over five million people—women and men—who care about bringing diverse perspectives to government. When we started out, not one Democratic woman had been elected to the United States Senate in her own right. Today, we have 16 Democratic women in the Senate and 62 Democratic women in the House.

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Meet Erin Cutraro

Co-Founder & CEO of She Should Run

Erin Loos Cutraro is Co-Founder & CEO of She Should Run, a social change organization working to dramatically increase the number of women and girls who see elected leadership as a possibility. She is based in New York City where she develops and manages She Should Run’s strategic growth and business development. She is a frequent public speaker on issues related to women’s and girl’s leadership in public life.

She Should Run was launched in 2011 to encourage more women to consider public office and to amplify the value of diverse voices in government. When women step up to run for office, they win at the same rate as men. Yet research shows they are not recruited and encouraged at the same rate as men. To date, She Should Run’s Ask a Woman to Run program has encouraged over 100,000 women to consider public office.

She says: “The good news is, most young girls today believe they have limitless potential, feel empowered to share what’s on their minds, and are not afraid to raise their hands and speak up. Many of them don’t really understand why electing a woman as President of the United States is such a big deal. However, the reality is that elected and nominated political seats across the country remain dominated by men.”

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I want to bring awareness to the injustices women and girls face around the world.


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