Women and girls around the world face formidable challenges. Just two of the grim statistics: 130 million girls don’t attend school, and 300 million women die each year enjoying during childbirth.How do you tackle such big problems? Connecther found a powerful approach: to support local leads and give women and girls a voice. We use our crowdfunding and communications platform to elevate the status of women and girls everywhere.

Connecther was started to provide needed funding, awareness and visibility to projects that are providing poverty alleviation services to women and children, most of which are under the radar. Connecther‘s founder, Lila Igram, has long had a vision for aiding women in this quest by utilizing social networks for global good. The Connecther platform was specifically developed to use social networks to maximize donor’s giving and to create the greatest social impact for women in need. With so much despair in the world, our goal is to give hope to and collectively work to make a difference in the lives of as many women and children as possible.

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I want to bring awareness to the injustices women and girls face around the world.


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