Action Corner: #BringBackOurGirls

The campaign Bring Back Our Girls, is still working around the clock to bring back every single one of them alive. Ramaa Mosley runs the US website and the Facebook, She has answered a few questions on our behalf.

Q1. Are there any woman with your organization that you would like to highlight and bring attention to?
One of my greatest inspirations is Oby Ezeswesili the founder of the Bring Back Our Girls movement in Nigeria. She has been a brave and determined champion for the education of girls and I have tremendous respect for her. She has taken on the Nigerian government and worked tirelessly to get the world to pay attention to the kidnapping of the Chibok Girls.

Q2. What can someone do to get involved and help your cause?
It is simple for people to get involved: Please write your government, senators, president, White house and tell them that you want them to continue to push for the rescue of the 197 Nigerian schools girls who are still in captivity. You can organize rallies and marches in your community to raise awareness. You can follow us on and post across social media so that your friends and family get involved by using the hashtag #bringbackourgirls #chibokgirls

Q3. What progress have you made in the most recent weeks and months in this cause?
The greatest progress that we all made was getting the US media to pay attention to this story. Now we are working to encourage the Nigerian Government to rescue ALL the girls. If 21 can be rescued, the rest of the girls can be. We want all of them home with their families. And it is true, if we can rescue 21 girls, we can rescue all of them. 197 girls are still missing.

I want to bring awareness to the injustices women and girls face around the world.


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