23 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Combat Sex Slavery, Educate Girls & Empower Women

Whether celebrating Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or both holidays, that put love at the center, each marks the perfect opportunity to invest in some gifts for yourself, or loved ones, that give back to women around the world.

Because while too many large brands and industries take advantage of women, there are still the companies with social responsibility as beautiful as their products.

Over 21 million people are currently forced into sex slavery, trafficking, or modern day slavery. Of those who are victims of sex slavery, 98% are girls and women often from the most disadvantaged regions with little other opportunity. Employment and education for girls can prevent sex slavery, and support programs can rebuild lives for victims.

Here are 23 companies that sell gifts, like chocolate, jewelry, and loungewear, that are helping girls and women around the world.

1. Fashionable
Fashionable provides marginalized women in Ethiopia with the tools of leather making and business skills to transform their lives. Each of their products is named after stories of women who have overcome that they work with. For a Valentine’s splurge that’s worth it, check out this handcrafted leather tote bag.

2. Bixby & Co Chocolate
This successful woman-owned chocolate company is conveniently offering 20% off ahead of Valentine’s Day. Plus it’s organic, fair trade, non GMO, and owner and founder Kate McAleer even says her chocolate bars are healthy. They offer everything from drinking chocolate and original chocolate bars, to vegan options.

3. Hekaia
These adorable dolls and knit toys are perfect for children, yourself, or a friend on Valentine’s Day. Each purchase helps Syrian refugee women in turkey maintain their independence, earn a living wage, and join a community of support.

4. Prosperity Candles
Founded by three refugee women, each candle is handmade by women artisans from Burma and Iraq who seek to provide for their families and earn a living wage. Their mission is to invest in women entrepreneurs to help end poverty.

5. Purpose Jewelry
There is a powerful story behind these delicate gold necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Each purchase goes to employment, care, counseling, and education for survivors of sex trafficking. Over 20 million people live in modern slavery but this company is helping lower that tragic number.


Author: Meghan Werft  |  Source: globalcitizen.org

I want to bring awareness to the injustices women and girls face around the world.


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